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Linea Rondael, soprano


Professor Scime,Let me start by thanking you, the faculty and staff of the Assisi Music Festival for an amazing and invaluable experience. I don't know how else I could have supplemented my college education better than participating in this Festival. I found particularly beneficial to me during these two weeks in Assisi...(continue reading)

Julia Mortyakova, DMA, piano

Chair of the Department of Music,

Mississippi University for Women

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experiences I had during the festival this summer I really enjoyed both the musical, as well as the cultural aspects of my experience I am very grateful for having the opportunity to perform with the orchestra, and to have such a supportive conductor This experience is something I will always remember and treasure - it was a great first orchestra performance Thank you!"

Rod Ackmann, bassoon

Associate Professor of Bassoon, University of Oklahoma

Principal Bassoonist, Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra

"It hardly seems like it has been 2 weeks since we departed Assisi after a wonderful music festival. The memories are still extremely vivid, and glorious. Please know how much I appreciate such a great experience. I regard the days we spend in Assisi making beautiful as the highlight of my year."

Carlos Feliciano, tenor

"I was interested in the program because the emphasis is not exactly on opera, but on church music, and Assisi was the perfect place for this festival to take place.... and the food was excellent."

Teresa Clark, soprano

"I am inspired by our trip and geared to do a full concert schedule this year. Thanks so much."

Elaine Gennaro, soprano

"It was an incredible growth experience, professionally, personally, and spiritually."

Gloria Thurmond, soprano

"I look forward to a late evening cappuccino at Piazza del Commune with newfound festival friends."

Giustino Alessi, baritone

"The festival prepared me for the challenges I met when I entered the Chicago College Performing Arts. It is a wonderful experience for all musicians because it prepares you for the real world working environment."

Iris Malkin, mezzo-soprano

"This was the type of musical experience I have dreamed of."

JungHae Kim, harpsichord


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