June 28 - July 8, 2020

The Assisi Retreat takes place in Assisi, Italy, under the spiritual guidance of Monsignor Paul Bochicchio. The retreat is a unique experience for the participants, and it is enhanced by the presence of a major sacred musical festival.

Assisi Performing Arts is an integral part of the Assisi Retreat. The Assisi Retreat begins with six days of retreat activities, sightseeing, concerts, and exploring the history of Assisi. Msgr. Bochicchio leads religious services and talks on the spirituality of St. Francis as well as other topics.

There is daily Mass celebrated in inspiring churches. Retreat participants will attend mass at the Basilica of Saint Francis and Santa Maria Maggiore in Assisi, as well as Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. 

Musicians of Assisi Performing Arts often assist Msgr. Paul at daily Masses with music including Gregorian chant and polyphony.

Every evening, after dinner, retreat participants will have the opportunity to attend concerts of Assisi Performing Arts; world-class musicians will perform all styles of vocal and instrumental music.