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Assisi Performing Arts is designed to complement the course of study that a music student would experience at a university or conservatory.


The goal of the curriculum is to enable the singer/instrumentalist to perform confidently in diverse areas of music where employment is feasible. Special emphasis is given to church music. The course of study will be focused towards the following objectives:

  • Assisting the development of specific skills required for employment in the field of music.

  • Assisting proficiency in utilizing new technological information, knowledge, and ideas.

  • Enabling the instrumentalist/singer to be innovative as well as informed when searching for potential employment.

  • Offering instrumentalists and singers professionals and students, the opportunity to participate in an intense concert schedule of 12-14 performances over a two-week period with many opportunities for qualified soloists. (Solos are offered on the basis of ability and repertoire and are non-competitive.)

  • To provide the student musician and the professional musician an exciting two weeks of performance, study, friendship.

  • To offer the non-professional choral singer the opportunity to perform major works in an exciting environment.

  • To offer career guidance and advice.

  • To enhance the musical life of the city of Assisi.

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