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Assisi Performing Arts


July 1-16, 2024

Beginning in summer 2001, musicians began converging upon the medieval town of Assisi, Italy to produce world-class vocal and chamber music concerts every summer. Would you like more festival information? Please subscribe to our mailing list below or contact us here for more information.



"It hardly seems like it has been two weeks since we departed Assisi after a wonderful music festival. The memories are still extremely vivid, and glorious. Please know how much I appreciate such a great experience. I regard the days we spend in Assisi making beautiful as the highlight of my year."


Rod Ackmann, bassoon

Professor of Bassoon,

University of Oklahoma

Principal Bassoonist,

Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra


"I was interested in the program because the emphasis is not exactly on opera, but on church music, and Assisi was the perfect place for this festival to take place.... and the food was excellent."


Carlos Feliciano, tenor


Assisi Performing Arts consists of two divisions: vocal and instrumental. Each division boasts world-class performers and renowned faculty, yet we believe the strength of our program resides in the synergy between programs. Singers, for example, enjoy performing opera, oratorio, concert and other diverse repertoire; exploring opportunities (possibly careers!) in sacred music, and collaborating with chamber musicians. As a result, Assisi Performing Arts offers hands-on experience in crafting a musical career that is both deeply satisfying and complementary to the conventional notion of opera stardom. 

Instrumentalists, meanwhile, benefit from a chamber music program featuring musicians from orchestras across the U.S. (and beyond) as well as faculty from many important universities and conservatories. Chamber musicians contribute to the program with their own repertoire recommendations while challenging themselves with lesser-known and new works. An intensive schedule of performances in a collegial environment means that participants of all skill levels grow musically as individuals and as members of an ensemble. And the encouraging atmosphere cultivated by Assisi Performing Arts makes it the perfect place to try out new musical genres. Indeed, many of our instrumentalists supplement their “traditional” careers—although, “traditional” is a term we’re striving to redefine—with styles of music they first encountered in Assisi. 

Add in master classes, performances, lectures and our prominent faculty and we believe Assisi Performing Arts is unrivaled. We pride ourselves on artistic integrity and the breadth and depth of musical experiences that we offer, yet, above all (and we mean this), we value an encouraging atmosphere—welcoming newcomers while inspiring old friends to return time and again. 

In short, Assisi Performing Arts is a program unlike any other—European, American or otherwise. So, take a few moments to discover world-class music and summers with Assisi Performing Arts, and please don’t hesitate to be in touch. We look forward to seeing (and hearing) you in Assisi!

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